Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on March 10, 2022 at 6:11 p.m. (CET Berlin).

What data do we store and why do we need it?

- The configuration of the server (including the server ID) to store and retrieve the customized data. The following data is stored here:
⇒ The colour of the embeds and buttons
⇒ The source for the meme command (a reddit name)
⇒ The DJ Role for the music commands
⇒ The blacklist (list of blacklisted words)
⇒ The set bot and media channels
⇒ The automatic role (the configured roles that a new user gets)
⇒ The deactivated commands
⇒ The trigger data (trigger names with values/answers)
⇒ The snipe data (last deleted message of every channel, gets deleted after 30 days) ⇒ Data for the configured reaction roles (message ids and reaction IDs with the role id) ⇒ Data about taking place giveaways and old ones
⇒ Levelling data:
- Configuration of the Level-UP Messages (Content, ON/OFF, Mode, Channel)
- If the system is active
- Cooldown between getting xp
- XP per message
- If the stacking of level-roles is activated or not - A list of level-roles as an ID with the level
- The level and xp of all users which send at least one message in the server

- Data about every user:
⇒ Stats for the minigame "Type Race":
- amount of games
- places / rankings
- the difficulties that a user played
- top and average WPM (words per minute)
- total words typed
⇒ The configured todos and the privacy settings of the todo list (private or public)

- Other saved data: ⇒ The logs of every server, where the last 250 actions are saved which were made with the bot (e.g. command usages) to get it with /botlog.
⇒ The verified and declined (nsfw) reddit pages (server independent), to check reddit pages faster -> for /settings meme-source and /meme 'reddit'
⇒ The amount of used commands per user (with the user ID) and globally amount of usages per command
⇒ Anzahl der Befehlnutzungen pro Author (mit der jeweiligen ID) und global pro Befehl

Where do we save the data and who has access to it?

We save the data on a secure VPS and only I (SimsumMC#2248) has access to it.

Can I have my data deleted?

Yes, you can. Contact us in one of the following ways:

Discord: Click me! (write in the support channel or write me (SimsumMC#2248) a direct message)

Please provide the ID or name of your server if you want to have data about a server deleted!

Please note: It can take up to 5 working days to get an answer from us, we're trying to answer as fast as possible!